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Co-op Server Rules
5 years ago by |MYT|dimonkey

-==MYT Co-op Svr==- Rules

- You MUST follow the server rules.

Otherwise you will be forced to leave.

There is always an option to leave.

- You MUST respect other players.

- Do NOT argue with the rules and admin decisions.

Please use the forum to solve your arguments.

- Do NOT use offensive, religious, political and other provocative nicknames.

- Do NOT play as a RAMBO and rush through the map.

Tactical gameplay is expected here.

- Do NOT endanger your team.

- Do NOT open a door while a teammate is using an optiwand on it.

- Do NOT shoot randomly at objects and walls unless you lure suspects deliberatelly and other players are paying attention as well.

- Use lethal force ONLY if a suspect is aiming at you or a civilian.

- Do NOT hurt suspects or civilians who have surrendered.

- Do NOT kill or injure civilians deliberatelly.

- Do NOT insult or argue with other players.

- Do NOT force players to press the ready button.

They will press ready when they are ready to play.

- Do NOT force players to die just to start the next map.

- Do NOT spam with commands!

- You MUST use english language ONLY.

This is an international server.



-==MYT Co-op Svr==- Advice


Things what you should keep in mind:


  • First make sure that the current area is clear before you start to arrest.
  • Do not hesitate if a suspect is aiming at a civilian. Act quickly.
  • Suspects spot you harder if you move slowly and silently.
  • Suspects can be lured to a spot where you shoot with lethal. Also they move after a random shoot.
  • Try to arrest suspects if it is possible.
  • If you see a troublemaker on the server, please make a report about to our forum (it would be helpful if you had screenshots and/or videos as well).
  • It is recommended to use TeamSpeak during a game. It makes it easier to communicate. Please use the Co-op server channel on our TeamSpeak 3 server.