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General Server Rules
8 years ago by |MYT|KapitanBomba
Post Server Rules
These are our server rules.
This applies to swat and CoD.
Please stick to them and inforce them.

      Do not argue with the rules

      Do not argue with admins

      Do not use cheats or glitches

      Do not accuse of cheating without evidence/in public

      Do not call names, insult, Harrass, use sexist remarks etc

      Do not curse

      Do not team -kill, -nade, etc deliberately

      Do not use offensive, religious, politic, senseless nicknames

      Do not spam

      Do not unbalance teams

    English language only

      Do not use colour text in key binds (Is for Admin use only)

      Do not disconnect from the server while being the VIP

      Do not Camp/Spawn Kill unless VIP There

    Do not Directly Spawn Kill unless VIP There

Call of Duty 4&5
    Do not bunny hop